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  • How do I reach the apartment?
    The Green LoveMì is located in via Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 17 - Naviglio Grande area. Nearby landmarks are Greek Fusion and Beynac bar. From Central Railway Station: MM2 from Central Station FS to P.TA Genova FS or tram 1 and tram 9 From Linate Airport: MM4 from Linate to San Babila and tram 9 From Malpensa Airport: Malpensa Express to Cadorna FS and MM2 from Cadorna to P.TA Genova FS
  • What should I do before my stay?
    Before your arrival, it is mandatory to have registered your data and your guests and to have paid the tourist tax. Check your emails: once you book your stay, you will receive all the instructions to proceed.
  • How do I check in?
    After booking your stay, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions to follow to check in. In particular, you will receive a link and a password to enter the interface dedicated to you for entering your and your guests' identity documents. Once logged in, fill in the guided fields.
  • I can't send my documents, what can I do?
    If it is impossible to send the documents, you can write via Whatsapp to the number +39 342 0475750, forwarding the documents front and back and a selfie with the document. Alternatively, you can send an email attaching the documents and your details to
  • How can I pay the tourist tax?
  • Why do I have to pay the tourist tax?
    The tourist tax is payable by all those who, non-residents, stay in hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities present in the municipal area of Milan. The rate is €4.50 per person per night and you are obliged to pay it via digital payment, as there is no reception available in the structure. Did you book via Booking? Before booking you will see the tax amount included in the booking total. Once booked, however, Booking will allow you to pay only the cost of the room excluding taxes. These taxes will be collected directly by the structure via app. Did you book through Airbnb? You will not have to pay any tourist tax on our web app as the payment has already been received via the booking platform. You can skip this step.
  • I booked through Airbnb, do I have to pay the tourist tax?
    No, if you booked through Airbnb you do not have to pay any payment through our Web App, since it has already been paid at the time of booking. If you booked through Booking or other platforms, you will have to proceed with the mandatory payment instead.
  • When will I receive the codes to access the apartment?
    Once all the preliminary steps of data registration and payment of the tourist tax have been carried out, 48 hours before your arrival you will receive the access codes via email and/or SMS.
  • I haven't received the apartment codes yet, what should I do?
    The PIN code is a 6-digit code followed by the pound key which is sent automatically after completing the check-in procedures and paying the tourist tax. Make sure you have entered and sent your details and those of your guests correctly, that you have taken a photo of your documents in full and that the payment of the tourist tax has been successful. If everything has proceeded correctly, starting 48 hours before your arrival, you will receive the PIN code via email and SMS. Otherwise, verify that the data and payments were successful. If something went wrong, keep an eye on your booking platform or your email or Whatsapp: we will contact you.
  • Is there luggage storage?
    The property does not have luggage storage. If you want to enter before the established time to leave your luggage in the apartment, contact us via the booking platform or by SMS at +39 342 0475750. If you want to leave your luggage after the check-out time, unfortunately we cannot provide you with this service.
  • What time can I enter the apartment?
    The apartment is accessed via previously sent PIN codes. These codes are activated at 2.00 pm. If you need to enter earlier, contact us via the booking platform or via SMS and/or Whatsapp on +39 342 0475750. We will reply as soon as possible to confirm your request.
  • How do I get into the apartment? Do I need keys?
    No, you will be able to enter through the entrance door of the building and you will be able to access the apartment using personalized codes that we will send you starting 48 hours before your arrival. Our service is contactless: each operation is carried out remotely, without the need to interface in person with our team.
  • What is the apartment?
    The door of the building overlooks the Naviglio Grande, gray in color and of considerable height. The apartment is located inside the courtyard. Once you have entered the entrance door of the building, walk a few steps up to a staircase located on the left. The door to the Green LoveMI and the door at the top of the stairs, on the left.
  • How do I open the entrance doors?
    For building intercom : enter the two-digit numeric code sent via email and/or SMS, followed by a bell button. After three rings of the intercom, the door opens automatically. So, push. For apartment door : enter the 6-digit code sent via email and/or SMS, followed by the pound key#. If it is inserted correctly, a green light comes on symbolizing the door is open. Then, push the door. If not, the light will be red and then type the correct code again.
  • Do I need an internet connection to enter the apartment?
    No, the entry system is smart and offline: just enter the codes that we send you in advance via email and/or text message.
  • The apartment door closed automatically while the door is still open. How do I close the door?
    The lock on the front door, after opening, remains open for approximately 15 seconds. Then it closes automatically. If the lock closes while the door is still open, press the arrow-shaped button pointing to the right, located on the internal door handle. The lock will open and you can close the door.
  • Do I have to lock the door when I go out?
    The apartment door, once closed, automatically locks to ensure continuous safety of guests when they are inside and of their personal belongings when they leave. So, just exit and/or enter and close the door behind you.
  • How do I open the door from the inside when I need to go out?
    The lock on the entrance door always locks automatically to ensure guest safety. To open it, and therefore to leave the house, simply press the button on the right on the handle knob.
  • How long are my codes active?
    The access codes will be active for the entire duration of your stay, starting from 2.00 pm on your check-in day until 10.00 am on your check-out day. You will be able to leave the apartment whenever you want and return in total autonomy.
  • I need to connect to the Internet, is there Wi-Fi?
    Yes, the password is found on page 3/4 of the Welcome Book available inside the apartment.
  • What do I have to do to check out?
    No, you can leave by closing the door behind you. Please note that if you leave after 10am on your check-out day, the code to enter will no longer be valid and we may apply a penalty for failure to check-out. Before leaving the apartment, remember to wash the dishes if you have used them, check that you have taken all your personal belongings and close all the windows and turn off the lights. Make it as if it were your home!
  • I forgot something inside the apartment after the check-out time, how can I get back in?
    After 10.00 on the day of check-out, the apartment PIN code will no longer be valid. If you need to return to the apartment to collect forgotten personal items, contact us.
  • I have an emergency, who can I contact?
    At the beginning of the Welcome Book inside the apartment you will find a list of useful numbers for any emergency. If the numbers do not meet your problems, you can contact us by writing us an email or a message.
  • If the light went out, what should I do?
    Inside the Welcome Book guide, available in the apartment, you will find all the useful information to follow in these cases. First, make sure the internal meter switches are facing up. If they are already raised, then follow the instructions in the guide to reach the general meter (page 8).
  • I don't know how to use the appliances, where are the instructions?
    Inside the paper guide in the apartment, you will find QrCodes to scan to read the instructions for the individual appliances.
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